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Magnum at the Kings Hall, Stoke 4th June 2019
Theia supporting Magnum at the Kings Hall, Stoke 4th June 2019
Lesbian Bed Death at The Rigger - 17th Nov 2018
Novacrow at The Rigger - 17th Nov 2018
Hands off Gretel, Lesbian Bed Death and The Glasshouse Museum at the Foxlowe Arts Centre, Leek 15th September 2018
Breaking Bands 2018 Main Stage - Sat 26th May 2018
Breaking Bands 2018 Acoustic Stage - Sat 26th May 2018
Shirthouse Chaps at Eleven, 28th October 2017
This Sun No More, Goya, Living Monstrosity and DOG live at the Underground , Hanley, 2nd Sept 2017
Torous, Quiet the Thief and Chokehold at The Rigger, 10th March 2017
Sertraline, Elasea and Twisted Illusion ,The Underground, 3rd March 2017
Rise to Thunder, Space Witch and Under live at The Rigger,28th Jan 2017
Red Spektor, Fibrestream and Them Vicious Jaspers at The Rigger Rock Venue , 9th December 2016
Lesbian Bed Death, Devil in Dorian, Sertraline and Kismet HC , The Underground, Hanley, 31st October 2016
Quiet the Thief, Jesses Divide and Circus Junkie Rebels , The Rigger Rock Venue , 1st October 2016
Petal to the Metal Charity event at The Rigger, 9th April 2016
Psychedelic Warlords and Yaga Sunet at The Rigger, 21st Nov 2015
Absolva and Quiet the Thief at the Rigger, 23rd October 2015
Joiners Square Rocks 2015, 3rd October 2015
This Sun No More, Structures and Dog at The Underground, 5th September 2015
ALL DAYER @ The Rigger Rock Venue, 1st August 2015
Metal 2 The Masses Final 2015, The Box, Crewe
Breaking Bands Festival 23rd May 2015
I am Pariah, Tribes of Tauricide, False Pretence and Quiet the Thief, The Sugarmill, Hanley 2nd May 2015
Synapse, Obey, Eventual Fate and I am Pariah at The Box, Crewe 8th Feb 2015
Space Witch,Corinth, Nomad and Chokehold at The Rigger, 31st Jan 2015
Bitch on Heat, Defy all Reason, Red Spektor and Sertailine at the Box, Crewe, 25th Jan 2015
White Noise Theory and Headpress at The Box, Crewe 11 Jan 2015
Vice Squad, PedAgree Skum and Ambassadors of Shalom at The Box-Crewe 13th Nov 2014
Sigue Sigue Sputnik Electronic at The Box, Crewe 30th Oct 2014
Fibrestream, Alex Musso and Ben Riley at The Moorville Hall 25th Oct 2014
Nuclear Safari, Chasing Traits and Sonic AM at The Box, Crewe 1st Aug 2014
Rhombus and The Glass House Museum at The Rigger - 5th April 2014
Dirty Dc and The Taskers at The Kings Hall, Stoke 22nd Feb 2014
The Psychedelic Warlords at The Rigger, Newcastle 6th Dec 2013
Lahannya and Dyonisis at The Corporation, Sheffield, 16th November 2013
Hypothesis,Stone the Alchemist,Azylya,Apparition and Absolution at The Underground, 24th August 2013
Stone the Alchemist and Behead the Bride at The Green Star 18th August 2013
Choking Susan and Headstone Horrors at The Green Star 2nd August 2013
Already Gone, Jesses Divide, Jokers Hour and Silent Jack at The Green Star 23rd June 2013
Beholder, Bull Riff Stampede, Hypothesis and Balls Deep at The Green Star 26th May 2013
Staghouse, The Current, The English, Kadence, The Ruby Dukes, The Clique, Neon Rouge, Alfa 9 and Six Towns at The Lyme Light festival, Newcastle 6th May 2013
Training Icarus,This Elegant Chaos,Control the Storm + Chemikill at Scruffy Murphy's Birmingham 20th Apr 2013
The Iron Knights and Interception at The Green Star 14th Apr 2013
High Spy plus support at The Green Star 21st Mar 2013
The Event, Training Icarus, Apparition and Curv at The Green Star 10th Mar 2013
Dead Nation Empire, Horny Goat Blues, Audio Illusion and Devilrift at The Green Star 27th Jan 2013
Jesse's Divide and The Taskers at Fenton Manor 21st Dec 2012
Hypothesis, This Elegant Chaos, Winter Storm, Parlaya and Last Man Standing Green Star 16th Dec 2012
Slam Cartel,Headrush,Diamond Lil,Fallen and False Alarm at The Green Star 9th Dec 2012
Twisted Species, Kyshera, Martyr de Mona at The Famous Lion 3rd Nov 2012
Iron Knights,Soma Dark,Gone Till Winter and Audio Illusion at The Green Star 28th Oct 2012
Imperial Circus, Fallen and Abyss at The Green Star 23rd Sept 2012
Another Nightfall,Infest,Balls Deep and Obey at The Underground 14th Sept 2012
Hypothesis,Chemikill and wired at The Green Star 2nd Sept 2012
Sworn to Oath, Incassum and Synapse at The Green Star 19th Aug 2012
From Within, Breaking Satellites and Pyrokraft at The Underground 28th July 2012
Stereotypical Blues Train, All About Eden, and Live Bait at The Green Star 15th July 2012
Hypothesis, Chimps on Death Row and Absolution at The Green Star 17th June 2012
Generations, Dead in Vegas and Stone the Alchemist at The Green Star 13th May 2012
Arms of Atlas,Wired,Pyrokraft and Hymn for the Fallen at The Green Star 6th May 2012
Six Hour Sundown,Obsessive Compulsive,Hypothesis,Eyes of the Raven,Stone the Alchemist,Wired,Parlaya and Audio Illusion at The Green Star 22nd April 2012
Nameless, FSI and Resonance at The Green Star 15th April 2012
Wolfcrusher,A Thousand Enemies and Stone The Alchemist at The Green Star 11th March 2012
Infest,Abyss,Pyrocraft and Downfall of the Faithless at The Underground 9th March 2012
Beholder,Operation Error and Molly Leigh at The Green Star 4th March 2012
Incassum, Headstone Down and Zero Divide at The Green Star 19th Feb 2012
Alestorm,Claim the Throne,Darkest Era, Hypothesis plus support 5th Feb 2012
Bitch on Heat, False Alarm and Acid Injection at Bidds 28th Jan 2012
Shield Your Eyes,Adam Beckley and No Brainer at Fat Cat, 21st Jan 2012
Arke,Innocent Kill and Hypothesis at the Green Star, 18th Dec 2011
Live n Loud at Lakeside with Innocent Kill,Hypothesis,Blue Origin and Headrush 10th Dec 2011
Stormageddon - 9 band Charity gig at The Green Star, 27th Nov 2011
Black Road Home, Hypothesis, Mercury's Curse and Absolution at The Green Star, 30th Oct 2011
The Band of the Land Final at Victoria, Stoke, 22nd Oct 2011
Hypothesis, Operation Error and Exit State at The Green Star, 19th Sept 2011
Chasing Traits,The Seers,Anomie and Kalahan at the Victoria, Stoke, 10th Sept 2011
Marseille, My Vote of Confidence and Codis at the Green Star 26th Aug 2011
Photoboothsmile,Fantasist and Inferno at the Green Star 21st Aug 2011
Screwloose,Paper Tigers,Chasing Traits and My Vote of Confidence at the Sugarmill, 29th July 2011
Black Road Home and Infest The Green Star - 17th July 2011
Anaphearo and Mercurys Curse at The Green Star - 26 June 2011
Dead Cells, The Honour Roll and My Vote of Confidence at the Green Star 05 June 2011
The Cartellos at The Rigger 29th May 2011
Hypothesis,Blue Origin,Heavens Basement and Jettblack at The Sugarmill 17th May 2011
Soma,Signify,Innocent Kill,Hypothesis and Imicus at the Green Star 1st May 2011
El Toro, The Higher State,The Black Apples,Velvet Texas Cannonball and The Wicked Whispers at Fat Cat 29th April 2011
Detroit Social Club, The Lamps Expire and Vellocet at Fat Cat 2nd April 2011
Marseille, Operation Error and Hypothesis at Keele University 23rd Mar 2011
Faux Feet, One Room House and Undiscovered Soul at the Sugarmill, 18th Mar 2011
Creepjoint, Alter Eden and Angellis at the Sugarmill, 5th Mar 2011
Molly Leigh, Lesbian Bed Death and Betrayal at the Green Star,28th Feb 2011
Operation Error, Hypothesis and Innocent Kill at the Green Star,31st Jan 2011
Headrush at the Green Star, 14th Jan 2011
High Spy at The Victoria Hall, Hanley,19th November 2010 (part 2)
High Spy at The Victoria Hall, Hanley,19th November 2010 (part 1)
Already Gone at The Victoria Hall, Hanley,19th November 2010
Headrush at The Victoria Hall, Hanley,19th November 2010
High Spy at the Red Lion, Burslem 2010
Undiscovered Soul at Square One Bar, Crewe, 13th Nov 2010
Already Gone at Square One Bar, Crewe, 13th Nov 2010
Oxjam 2010 at Fatcat Hanley
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