Side, Turkey 2006 Total Eclipse

I started thinking about this eclipse soon after the 1999 one. I left it rather late in the end to sort it! I had been following the website of the Manchester Astronomical Society where Graham Hodson (thanks very much indeed for all the great info by the way Graham) had been setting up a trip for MAS members. I might see if I can go with them I thought - good thinking, but I left it too late and lost my chance. Instead, I searched the net to find a reasonable alternative. Everything was too expensive. In the end, late in 2005 I walked into our local travel agent and they found me a room at the same hotel (the Arum ) where the MAS people were going, via Thomas Cook. I booked it for my wife and I

We flew out from Birmingham the day before and after a bit of a 'mess-up' at the airport in Turkey we finally arrived at the excellent hotel. I had planned to check out the sites I had pre-thought of, but we arrived a bit too late, so all final arrangements about where to set up were left until the moring.
After breakfast we planned to walk into the old town of Side where I was to set up by the Temple........

View from the windowSide temple site - Eclipse morning
As soon as we opened the curtains, we saw people setting up on the hotel roof behind the Arum.
By the time (about 10:30 ) we arrived at the temple, there were few spaces left to set up !

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