Martin and Gemma's Eclipse Trip, France 1999

With the eclipse over and the light levels getting higher, we decided to pack up the cameras and head off to the Travelsphere area to have our packed lunch. The eclipse had been and gone. Soon it was time to join one of the large queues

Serious toilet queues!

Then it was back on the bus, back to the hotel and into Paris. We had 2 great guided tours of Paris, one on the night of the eclipse and the other the following morning. Here is a taste of the 2 trips...

The ArcTime to shopOn ceremony

The towerThe MiniArcThe tower

The fountainsThe new bit

The trip home was uneventful and the films went off the next day! All in all it had been a great success. I was very pleased with the trip and with the pictures, digital and normal. I just hope Travelsphere do something similar for Turkey in 2006!

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